The Market Family Cafe


319 Hamilton Ave. St John's.

SOFT OPENING: July 9th to July 14th . FUL OPENING: July 15th

During soft opening: Shorter menu, testing system and new set up.

Doordash starting on July 12th.

Skip The Dishes starting on July 15th

Cooking Classes: Bookings available now.


Please prefer Hamilton Ave and near streets but AVOID Richmond St ( specially between Hamilton Ave and Eric St.) Thanks!

Why Choose Us?

We Work as Family.

The Market Family is not just about shopping local, we are connecting every participant to each other, either vendors with more customers, volunteers with the community, local friends with newcomers, international community with local groups, and the list goes on and on. We are a multi-directional market group, which means the interactions are not limited to just vendor-customers. We help all participants to connect each other, through family activities, online challenges, games, live performances, cultural and social events, workshops, training, volunteering opportunities for local and international students and/or professionals wanting to expand their network, educational activities, and more. This is a family of friends making more friends and you can be part of it!

It's amazing what The Market Family is doing. Their events are unique, the vendors are amazing, and there's a real sense of community in everything they do.

Jon Butler
local entrepreneur

Congratulations to The Market Family Cafe team. You have been awarded by Restaurant Guru 2022

Andrew Priest - Executive Director Restaurant Guru

About Us

Danilo Gonzalez


The Market Family is community market organization created in 2019, operating online, locally, and globally but also on site in St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada). We are a network of local entrepreneurs from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, offering multicultural products but also with local signatures from Newfoundland. After the pandemic, The Market Family switched gradually into a more specific scope focusing on its cafe operations. The Market Family Cafe became then, the most visible face of the group with a quick growth over the years. 

Besides offering our food & beverages made on site, we work with local business owners who are seeking for promotion, exposure, networking and a closer experience with customers. We support local experienced vendors but also, give opportunities to brand new entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and express themselves through their unique products and connection with the community.

At our cafe you will see fresh homemade food and beverages, combining local and multicultural influences. Also local art and craft from talented artists and artisans. 

We always work cooking low volumes of fresh food every day, securing high quality and affordable prices while sorting as many local ingredients as possible. This model allows us to run a small team of passionate members who share their loved through our creations every day and making weekly innovations to our menu. 

Stop by our new home at 319 Hamilton Ave. St. John's. 

Open everyday.



The Market Family Café

Our vision is to create an expanded concept of community market places, where local residents can connect and interact in a friendly atmosphere, making this their preferred place to stop by and being themselves or hang out with new friends. The Market Family Café combines those elements since 2019 offering a vibrant food menu made with love, fresh and prepared everyday by an energetic staff and vendors.  

NEW LOCATION: 319 Hamilton Ave. St. John's

Soft Opening July 9th to July 14th

Full Open: July 15th.

Doordash and Skip The Dishes  starting on July 10th.

Check our social media to stay tuned on cooking classes,  promotions, events, new products, new vendors and more.


Please prefer Hamilton Ave and near streets but AVOID Richmond St ( specially between Hamilton Ave and Eric St.) Thanks!


319 Hamilton Ave. St. John's. NL.


Monday to Friday: 6:00 am - 9:00pm

Saturdays: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sundays: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Holidays (stock depending): 9:00 am-6:00 pm